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WP Flat Visual Chat V5.362 – Live Chat & Remote View For WordPress

Thảo luận trong 'Wordpress Plugin' bắt đầu bởi ExpertVN, 6/11/17.

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    With WP Flat Visual Chat you can provide Live Support with 2 way Desktop Remote Viewer for WordPress! Blow your customers away – incl 6 months support



    Provide fast, elegant Live Support via Chat with WP Visual Chat – the only live support chat Plugin on the market that allows you to use Live View !

    Simply Upload and Activate the Plugin via your WordPress Dashboard and you are ready to go.

    WP Flat Visual Chat gives you a new element in your Sidebar to manage your chat logs with simple and intuitive Chat Logs and Filters.


    Take your customer support a step further with a unique remote desktop viewerbuilt right into the Live Chat.


    Select the element or item you wish to share, and engage in a visual two-way chatwith your customers. Your support ratings will soar!

    With comprehensive Chat Settings built into the front-end, you can modify your text to suit your brand style and tone of voice easily, with no coding required.


    Working in a Team Environment and need help to resolve a query ? No problem, you can simply transfer Chats to the right operator from within the live window.


    Customers might be looking for something but need a little help, with WP Flat Visual Chat it couldn’t be easier… open a two-way dialogue and take them directly the item they are looking for and show them on screen – huzzah!


    WP Flat Visual chat has been coded using Real Time AJAX chat and industry best practise coding so there is no bloating to slow your site down.
    With the range of options and features to help you customise your chat to meet your design needs the possibilities are endless.

    Use pre-prepared content with Shortcodes and get your average handling time of customer queries sizzling! Choose your operating hours and provide a Contact Formin your downtime.

    Colors are fully customisable, you can select notification sounds for new messages, import and export data for analysis and view Country and City of your customers.

    WP Flat Visual Chat is going to increase your customer satisfaction and save you heaps with a one of purchase price and the most simple integration for a Live Chat solution in WordPress.

    What are you waiting for ?

    • Real time AJAX chat
    • Beautiful, flat & responsive design
    • View the page where your customer is.
    • Operators can view online users and initiate chats
    • Operators can visually show any website element to the customer (through the different pages)
    • Files transfer options
    • Operators can use preprogrammed sentences using shortcuts
    • New “Chat Operator” user role
    • You can assign the operator capability to any another role
    • Chat logs management
    • Operator can transfer discussion to another online operator
    • If there is no operator online, a contact form appears
    • Colors are customizable
    • Sound notification on new message
    • Import / Export data tool
    • Customers IP detection
    • See the country and city of customers
    • Texts are editable from backend
    • Multilingual .po ready (French translation included)
    • Automatic updates
    • Reactive support !



    2017-07-03 :
       - New option to define the messages verification delay
       - New option to define the online users verification delay
       - New option to define the disconnection delay
       - New option allowing to activate the chat only for logged users
       - New option allowing to track only logged users
       - Minor improvements
    2017-02-03 :
       - New option to show a close button in the header of the chat
       - New option allowing operators to send files to customers
       - New option allowing customers to send files to operators
       - New option to allow specific files extensions
       - New option to defines the maximum size of file uploads
       - Design options improved
       - Minor improvements
    2016-11-10 :
       - New link to the chat console in admin bar
       - Chat console improved on mobile devices
       - Minor corrections and improvements
    2016-03-15 :
       - Backend console can now be used from mobile devices
       - French translation added
       - Minor bugs fixed, code and css improvements
    2016-02-23 :
      - Apostrophe issue fixed in predefined sentences
    2016-02-11 :
      - Automatic updates system
      - .po file issues fixed
    2016-01-06 :
      - New feature : Preset sentences with keyboard shortcuts
      - Minor improvements
    2015-09-16 :
      -  needless settings variables are no longer displayed in the source code
    2015-09-04 :
      - bug on "Chat operator" role fixed
    2015-07-31 :
      - New "Phone" field in the offline contact form
      - Bugs fixed with iphone and "Initiate chat" feature
    2015-06-26 :
      - Backend css improved
      - bug on “initiate chat” feature fixed
      - issue on texts panel fixed
    2015-06-11 :
      - UI Improved
      - Frontend texts can now be edited from backend (it also works with WPML / .po file)
    2015-06-02 :
      - The feature “Initiate a chat” can now be disabled from settings, to reduce greatly cpu use
      - Documentation improved
    2015-03-18 :
      - Operators can now view online users and initiate chat
    2015-02-09 :
      - New button to cancel the selection
      - Translations improved
    2015-02-05 :
      - Color of the main button is now editable
    2015-02-03 :
      - .po file double sentence bug fixed
    2014-11-20 :
      - New integration system
      - Bug with analytics fixed
    2014-11-14 :
      - Now ready for translation (.po files support)
      - Color system improved
    2014-11-03 :
      - Loading time improved
      - Selection bug fixed
      - Loading of the chat panel improved
      - Display on iPad improved
    2014-09-05 :
      - Customers ip detection
      - Logs now display country and city of customer
      - Operators can now see historical of all customers
      - Search field for logs
    2014-08-28 :
      - Bounce FX bug fixed
    2014-08-04 :
      - Admin can now set the chat position
      - Chat display problem on some themes resolved
    2014-07-31 :
      - Admin can now send message pressing “Enter” (and he can go to line using Shift+Enter)
      - Bouncing effect delay increased
    2014-07-28 :
      - Sound notification bug fixed
    2014-07-22 :
      - Import / Export data tools
      - A sound can be played on new messages
      - Apostrophe problem corrected in texts


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