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Video Copilot After Effects Plugins Complete – Bộ Plugin cho After Effects

Thảo luận trong 'App & Game' bắt đầu bởi Người Chia Sẻ, 23/12/18.

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    Video Copilot After Effects Plugins Complete là bộ Plugin dành cho thiết kế và tạo hiệu ứngtrong After Effect. Bộ này bao gồm các tiện ích chính cho After Effects, chẳng hạn như: optical flashes, heat distortion, 3D Element and Twitch.

    VC Optical Flares 1.3.5 is a complement to design and animate realistic lens flares in After Effects.
    Twitch VC 1.1 is a plug-in After Effects that synchronizes random operators to create stylistic effects video for motion graphics and visual effects.
    VC Heat Distortion 1.0.30 complements simulating heat waves and realistic distortion. Noise has advanced options, wind and more.

    Heat Distortion features:
    – realistic noise heat
    – Image distortion
    – Haze heat
    – Advanced Control Noise
    – Wind

    VC Element 3D 2.2.2 Build 2155 is an advanced rendering engine 3D objects and particles. High Performance After Effects Plug-in to create Motion Design and Visual FX.
    3D capabilities Video Copilot Element :
    – 3D rendering in After Effects
    – Create complex animations
    – materials physical basis
    – VFX 3D and Motion Graphics
    – shapes 3D particle
    – Wireframe
    – Dispersion of subs surface
    – Shadows and AO

    Requirements system:
    – version for MAC users from OS 10.7
    – After Effects CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015 and higher


    Chính sửa cuối: 8/1/19
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