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Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol – Ứng dụng tạo nhạc cụ ảo chuyên nghiệp

Thảo luận trong 'App & Game' bắt đầu bởi Người Chia Sẻ, 3/3/19.

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    The latest evolution
    The KOMPLETE KONTROL software is constantly evolving and the latest update is the largest to date. It Kontrol Native Standard® (NKS), a new format plug-in that opens KONTROL KOMPLETE instruments for third parties to access the Light Guide function, Smart Play and others, is inserted with all parameters assigned instruments intelligently. Compatibility with the VST format opens the door to your entire library of virtual instruments. And we welcome KOMPLETE KONTROL S88: a professional keyboard with keys with hammer action.

    Defining standards
    Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) is a plug-in format extended. This revolutionary creation developed by Native Instruments offers a whole new level of integration between software and hardware. Now any developer can configure their virtual instruments for direct access to the unique hardware features of KOMPLETE KONTROL system. Important creators of instruments like Arturia, U-He and Output Audio are already participating and the list of partners participating in NKS is growing rapidly. The result is true integration *.

    Performance functions
    Keyboards KONTROL S-Series KOMPLETE expand and improve your playing and composing thanks to its unique innovations.
    Native Browser: Browse and load your entire library of KOMPLETE and VST instruments from a single unified interface.
    Native Map®: This technology automatically assigns all key parameters of each instrument KOMPLETE or NKS wheels touch control.
    Light Guide: innovative LED lights there reflect on the keys on the keyboard key changes and types of sounds and simple of any KOMPLETE or NKS instrument.
    Smart Play lets you play chords with a single key or assign keyboard musical scales and create melodies touch of a button with the advanced arpeggiator.

    Creative unit
    Multiply your creative potential using MASCHINE and KOMPLETE together. Combine them and enjoy a real creative harmony: unified scanning, automatic parameter assignment, and smart keys and buttons, and all this with the simplicity of plug-and-play. All the power and sound of the two platforms in perfect harmony and at your fingertips, with a working system with hardware that you will not find anywhere else.



    Chính sửa cuối: 7/3/19
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