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Mac OSX Lion For All Computers Including AMD 10.7.3 V2

Thảo luận trong 'Hackintosh' bắt đầu bởi Người Chia Sẻ, 15/9/17.

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    Mac OS X Lion For All Computers Including AMD 10.7.3 V2.
    For Support
    Version 10.7.3 V2
    Thanks to My Friend “Jude Nirosan” Initial Seeding and Thanks to All Seeders
    Thanks to MoElleven For Giving Me The Background Image
    Please Seed My Torrents As long As You Can

    Thanks for
    Chameleon Team
    Kexts.com (For Drivers)
    (Torrent Hosting)
    (Torrent Hosting)
    ThePirateBay.org (Torrent Hosting)
    (Torrent Hosting)

    To Download Drivers Goto Kexts.com
    You Can Update to Any 10.7.x Updates
    goto support.apple.com/downloads

    Changes in This Release
    Fixed The “?????” Display Error
    PS2 Drivers Were Changed Again
    Fixed “Keyboard Not Found” problem for PS2 Keyboard Users
    Added Boot Plist Commands as Packages
    Added Support for VESA Display Support
    Chameleon was Updated to svn 1913+
    nscript Was Added (Not as a Package)
    Voodoo Battery Packages Was Modified
    Installation Supports USB3.0 Install Method
    USB 3.0 Kext Was Updated from the kext from MultiBeast 4.2.1
    SuperVIAATA Was updated
    FakeSMC and The Plugins Were Added
    Java for Mac OS X 10.7 V1 Was Added to The Essential Packages
    Removed Most of Graphics Driver as They Were Made from 10.7.2
    Added Support for AD2000B Audio Driver
    AppleNForce ATA Was Added to Fixed Kexts Instead of SuperNForce ATA as It Was only a 32 Bit Supported Kext
    A Few Language Translations Were Added
    Nvidia Natit Driver Was Updated
    GMA 4500 Driver Was Updated
    Added HandBrake and “The UnArchiver” Applications
    Updated MPlayerX , Champlist , VLC and CleanMyMac Applications
    Removed Disabler Kext From The Package “Fixed Kexts” as NullCPUPowerManagement Kext was an Alternative to Disabler Kext
    Fixed Some Errors Faced During Installation
    Added AMD Kernel
    npci was changed from 0x2000 to 0x3000
    Updated The Package ALC662
    Updated Chimera to 1.9.0
    My Next Release Will Be Mountain Lion On September Until Then Bye


    Mac OSX Lion For All Computers Including AMD 10.7.3 V2:

    Chính sửa cuối: 15/9/17
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