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DiGiBOX 0.9 Download

Thảo luận trong 'Các phiên bản Linux' bắt đầu bởi ExpertVN, 29/12/17.

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    I and Joseph have been working together for several months on a project called DiGiBOX. A virtual appliance that can provide a network service with the least amount of resources. What we looked at during the preparation of this appliance was low security, low resource requirements, and, ultimately, ease of use, with a simple implementation.

    After the examinations we did, we found that a number of services did not really make you feel so much of a network, so we gave priority to those services.

    For the security of these services, they are also able to use the firewall of this version of the DiGiBOX

    Works well on Oracle VM VitualBox.

    In this version, DiGiBOX is able to provide 2 services to your network:

    1. KMS service

    2- NTP service

    Our program is to add DiGiBOX to other DiGiBOX feeds with feedback from our dear colleagues and friends.

    Username and password information is as follows:

    Username: root
    Password: www.digiboy.ir
    To perform the DiGiBOX network settings, you can log in with the above information and use the digibox-config command.

    I hope DiGiBOX can be useful for our colleagues and relatives.

    Password giải nén :

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