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[bd] Social Share 2.3.0 - Tự động post bài lên Facebook

Thảo luận trong 'Xenforo Add-ons' bắt đầu bởi ExpertVN, 5/10/17.

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    About This File

    Compatible XF Versions:





    1. Publish links to Facebook Profile/Page/Group, Twitter (user controllable)
    2. Upload photos to an album on Facebook/Page/Group (user controllable)
    3. Support various actions (thread creation, thread reply etc.) and support lots of third party add-ons. Administrator can disable actions independently. For full list see below.
    4. Possible to recover from a failed attempt (token expire or connection error, etc.)
    5. Statistics support (daily, weekly, monthly)
    6. Can operate in two way: immediate sharing or performing delayed share for best user experience.



    Status update (can be configured for auto-sharing)

    Thread create (can be configured for auto-sharing, with forum overriding)

    Thread reply

    XenForo Resource Manager:

    Resource create

    Resource update

    Showcase: Item Publish

    sonnb - XenGallery: Photo Upload

    Xen Media Gallery: Image Upload

    [XI] Blog: Entry Publish

    Demo: http://xfrocks.com/


    XenForo 1.2.0+

    PHP mcrypt extension

    1. Upload files and directories inside `upload` to XenForo's root directory. Select "Merge" for everything if you are asked
    2. Import the .xml file using XenForo add-on importer
    3. If XenForo installation has custom styles, make sure to copy bdSocialShare directory inside styles/default directory to custom style directories
    4. Configure supported actions in AdminCP > Home > Options > [bd] Social Share
    5. Configure social network permission for users/groups as needed.







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